“Anna started at Brejn as Sales Manager and CEO for Brejn Academy. After more than 25 years as a businesswoman she has a thorough understanding of the value of long term and strong relationships with clients, the most important asset for successful businesses. She is very passionate about agile ways of working and scaling it throughout the entire organization to maximize business value.

Annas role is to ensure that our clients are comfortable with the agile methodology and the reasons for transforming. Based on her experience from the field, instead of focusing on explaining the theory itself, she can present the advantages and business value to scaling agile. Her job is to develop and provide training courses as well as Brejn specialists to support customers in their agile transformation and communication is her key to build healthy relationships.

Anna has held positions ranging from consultancy to senior sales and managerial roles. She has a high drive, energy and passion and loves to succeed.”

Vi på Brejn är glada att Anna nu är en del av oss och att vi med gemensam kraft fortsätter att stötta och vägleda våra kunder samt samarbetspartners framåt!